Miramar Pension

Miramar Pension

Miramar Pension


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You can swim in the sea from almost anywhere in Kaş. The sea is clean and some of the beaches are registered with the blue flag. In addition to the diversity of both beach and municipal beaches, having a towel and a seat in your vehicle gives you extra freedom.

Kaş's nights can be as loud or calm as its days. Restaurants, taverns, bars with many taste stops (Jazz, rock, blues…), the colors of live music… After all this, it is a quiet, noiseless place where you can rest, where it will not disturb you, without the crowd, in a serene atmosphere. If you are looking for a place where you can listen to the silence but only five minutes from the center, you are in Miramar.

Limanağzı Bay
Transportation is provided by motorboats departing from Kaş center via ring services. The bay, which is not accessible by road, consists of several beaches served by different operators.
Büyükçakıl Beach
It is the bay located on the far left of Kaş, on the opposite side of Limanağzı. The sea is relatively cold and wavy compared to other beaches due to its spring water. It is one of the beaches where you can relax and enjoy, preferred by swimmers.
Küçükçakıl Beach
Apart from the beach establishments, most of which are located on the rocks, there is also a small public beach. It has cold water like large pebbles, and is in an open position overlooking the meis and the harbor.
İnceboğaz plajı
İnceboğaz Beach
There are two different beaches run by the municipality in İnceboğaz, where the Çukurbağ peninsula is located. Due to its inland location, the Acısu Sea overlooking the marina does not receive wind or waves and has shallow water. On the other hand, İnceboğaz recreation area and municipal beach combine green and blue in a wide area and provide service with free parking.
Akçagerme Beach
It is the closest beach to Miramar Pension. Since it is an inland sea, it is the most sheltered beach due to its structure, which is relatively unaffected by wind and waves. The beach and recreation area run by the municipality are especially preferred by families with children. If you want, you can rent a sun lounger and sunbathe, or you can rent a cushion on the grass and read your book. Apart from these, you can bring your own sun lounger and use it in the reserved area.
kaputas plajı
Kaputaş Beach
It is one of the beaches with a special place and has been on the cover of many magazines and travel magazines in Turkey and around the world. Its natural beauty, which is noticed while passing by, becomes even more attractive with its turquoise color and sandy beach as you descend the steps. It should be preferred by those who can swim because of its rapid depth and waves.
Kalkan Municipality Beach
The beach in Liman is operated by the municipality with its turquoise color, clean and cool water.
patara plajı
Patara Beach
It is the only beach with a sandy beach in Kaş. The water is quite shallow and the sea is generally wavy. Therefore, while it provides fun moments that people of all ages will not want to leave the water while the waves are playing, it will also remain in your memories with the sunset
It is the other end of Patara and you can reach it by road after the ancient cities of Xhantos and Letoon. Since the cold water of Eşen Stream reaches the Mediterranean, the sea water temperature is colder on the surface, unlike Patara.
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Seyret Çakıl Beach
Seyret Çakıl Beach, a small bay on the road to Kalkan, is also known as Little Kaputaş due to its turquoise color and structure.
Acısu Beach
It is operated by Kaş Municipality. It is a small and quiet beach with showers, toilets and a restaurant.