A Short Break in Kaş

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Miramar Pension

Miramar Pension


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You can visit the beaches to relax and enjoy the sun and sea, participate in activities and extensive sports opportunities, or visit historical places.

One of the few ancient walking paths in the world is in our region. The ancient Lycian road is a 535 km long road that starts from Fethiye and continues to Geyikbayırı in Antalya. In order to experience the beauty of the Mediterranean and the mystery of Ancient Lycia, you can pass through untouched bays and regions where there is not much population, and get to know the Mediterranean culture that has survived to the present day, as well as witness the magnificent natural landscapes. In this sense, you can reach the ancient city you want with your vehicle and enjoy the warm weather. You may not be very impressed by the summer days. Places to Visit in Kaş; Patara, Xhantos, Letoon, Tlos, Phellos, Antiphellos Myra, Arykanda….(You can access all ancient cities and their contents in detail in the blog section. In addition, in the programs we have prepared for you, you can find details with many alternatives from swimming to activities, from historical texture to food).

Saklıkent Canyon
It has a length of 18 km and welcomes you with ice-cold water in hot weather. While you can walk in the canyon, it also offers different options such as rafting and zipline, which consist of easy tracks. You can take a short break by eating your meal in a place where trout fisheries are concentrated, and relieve the tiredness of the day while swinging in a hammock over tea.
Gizli Kent Waterfall
Although it is not as well-known as Saklıkent Canyon, you can walk in a much easier canyon and cool off at the waterfall at the end of the tropical, hot stream.
Tlos Antik Kenti And Yakapark
he city, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List, and Yakapark, a trout facility with artificial waterfalls located opposite the ancient city, are places to visit and relax in the region.
The beach, which has a 14 km wide sandy beach next to the ruins where the ancient city is located, is also the habitat of caretta carettas. The sea is quite shallow and allows you to have fun with the waves in windy weather. Apart from the ATV tour, you can also tour the region by horseback riding.
The city, which was the capital of Lycia and prioritized its freedom above all else, is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. The ruins of the city are exhibited in the British Museum, England.
Letoon is one of the religious centers of Lycia and is an ancient city where the temples of Artemis and Athena and their mother Leto are located. It is the temple dedicated to Leto, the mother of Artemis and Athena. You can access information about Lycia and Kaş region with the cinevision at the ruins.
It is one of the closest towns to Kaş; You can spend a different day at its beaches, cafes and restaurants.
The Church of Santa Claus, the ancient city of Myra, the Lycian Civilizations Museum, the only museum in the region, and the beaches are places where you can spend your whole day.
Antiphellos also known as Kaş
The Sarcophagus, the King's tomb in Uzun Çarşı, is one of the structures that has remained intact until today. Being the only theater facing the sea in Anatolia, you can watch the sunset or watch the sunrise opposite Meis in its ancient theater. You can see the rock tombs on the ridge of Kaş on your way to Küçük Çakıl.
Akçagerme Recreation Area
A cute picnic area among the greenery above the beach, approximately 2 km from Miramar Pansiyon. You can grab your food and go swimming at any time of the day or in the evening. It is connected to Akçagerme Beach, there are barbecues and you can rent them from the staff for a fee.