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Miramar Pension

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This contract is on one side; Gökçeören Mah. Gökseki St. With Miramar Pansiyon (hereinafter referred to as Pansiyon) located at No:63 Kaş/ANTALYA, on the other hand, the person making the reservation can enter/send all personal information electronically, transmit it on the phone or via e-mail, or send/confirm it by any means. , has occurred between the CUSTOMER / USER / GUEST or AGENCY (hereinafter referred to as Customer) who has accepted the following conditions in advance, whose name and IP address are known if an online reservation is made, and / or whose name and identity information are known at the reservation stage.

1. By making a reservation at our hostel by phone, e-mail, online, offline or any other means, the customer agrees in advance to be bound by the rules and conditions set out below. The hostel reserves the right to change the rules and conditions without notice or liability.

2. Overnight prices and other extras may vary depending on the currency of the country of transaction.

3. About the Rooms;

a) There are different types of rooms in our hostel. Images on our website and other channels are for informational purposes. Room decorations and sizes may vary. After the reservation, if the customer requests, the reservation form and reservation contract can be sent to him via the method he specified (e-mail, SMS, etc.). To avoid any errors, the customer must read and check the contract in detail.

b) Each room has its own different price calculation and the capacity of each room varies. Extra beds will not be added to some of our rooms. For this reason, you must choose the room to which the system/staff directs you according to your number of people.

4. Entry and Exit Procedure

a) Rooms are available at 14.00.

b) On the day of departure, accommodation ends with breakfast, if included. Check-out time from the hostel is 11:00. An accommodation fee will be charged for late check-outs.

c) It is not possible for the customer to request another room other than the room he has booked.

d) Accommodation may be requested for a room in the higher category, subject to availability and payment of the price difference.

e) If there is a difference in the number of people and child age checks at the entrance from the information given at the time of reservation, the price difference will be requested from the customer at the time of entry. If the room capacity is exceeded, the customer will be directed to a room of a higher category and the price difference will be requested from the customer.

5. Child and other calculation Procedures

a) Child discounts are valid when accompanied by an adult.

b) Ages 00 – 05.99 are free.

c) 50% discount for ages 06 – 11.99.

d) Child calculations will be made taking into account the day, month and year. In calculating the child’s age, the accommodation check-in date will be taken into account, but the reservation date will not be taken into account.

e) There are different rooms in our hostel. Rooms are also offered according to the age of the child and the number of people. Although the child is free, the calculation will change as the room category changes.

f) Extra adults or children can be accommodated in rooms large enough to accommodate an extra bed.

6. It is not possible to change the reservation for transactions made on our website. For this, you need to contact (0242 839 71 34). A reservation made by any agency can only be canceled or changed by the agency. For online reservations, the hostel will not send a separate confirmation to the customer. The form sent to the customer at the time of reservation will be deemed sufficient.

7. Confirmation – Invoice delivery for online reservations is made by the Pension as follows:

a)Instant Reservation Confirmation: Reservation confirmation can be received by the customer by printing at the last stage of the system and can also be sent to the e-mail address given by the customer.

b) If the reservation is made by the hostel, the things stated in paragraph a) are valid. The accommodation invoice can be sent to the customer by any means by the hostel after the stay. If the reservation transactions are carried out by the agency, the Reservation Confirmation and Payment receipt will be given to the customer by the Agency.

8. When the reservation is guaranteed and confirmed by the customer with a credit card, the reservation confirmation is sent to the customer. Reservations made with the option of bank transfer (for future stays) must be paid to the hotel bank account by the person making the reservation on the same day. Otherwise, the hostel has the right to cancel the reservation without prior notice. The hostel is not responsible for reservation cancellations for which payment is not received. For payments made by money order, bank deductions belong to the customer or agency. After payment is made to the bank account information below, the payment receipt must be sent by e-mail ( )

Bank information for money transfer;

Recipient name:

9. For the reservation to be finalized, the full payment must be made at the time of reservation.

10. For cancellations, deductions will be made within the framework of the following periods and rules. This cancellation penalty fee can be up to 100% of the amount paid for the reservation. When the hostel runs different campaigns, it may set different cancellation rules.


a) The finalized reservation; In case of cancellation 14 days or more before the check-in date, the payment will be returned to the customer without deduction.

b) The finalized reservation; If cancellation is not made 14 days or more before the check-in date, no refund or date change will be made.

c) No refund will be made in case of cancellation, change or no-show of the reservation made for the prepaid price category (non-refundable).

d) Refunds for canceled reservations will be made within 15 business days.

e) Refunds will be made to the payer’s credit card or bank account. It will not be transferred to a different account.


a) In any changes, the hotel’s availability will be taken into account.

b) In case of reservation changes; The price and other conditions of the day the change is made will be taken into account.

c) A reservation can be changed a maximum of 2 times. Change requests must be notified to the hotel at least 15 days before the customer’s check-in date.

13. The hostel may partially/completely change or cancel the reservation before the start of the service or during the service, for a reason not caused by the consumer/customer. The Customer/Consumer can accept these changes or accept another alternative service offered by the hostel. If the Customer/Consumer does not accept the changes, he/she has the right to cancel his/her reservation and receive a refund of the fee paid under the contract within the framework of the cancellation procedures. Although the hostel has taken all necessary care, it prevents the start or continuation of the service; may cancel or postpone the reservation due to adverse weather conditions, epidemics, road obstacles, strikes, terrorism, fog, possibility of war, unforeseen technical issues, health, death and all such force majeure reasons.

14. Payments made online will be refunded to the credit card used for the reservation or to the bank account of the payer

15. Only Visa and Master Card are accepted for online reservations.

16. The hostel does not make any commitment or statement about the completeness and accuracy of the information available on its website, and does not make any commitment to update this information.
The materials and information you will find on the hostel website are presented “as is” and, to the extent permitted by law, the hostel expressly declares that it does not affect the quality, performance, marketability, suitability for a particular purpose or the information, services or products contained on or in connection with the web page. nor does it provide any implied warranty.
As a result of the hostel, breach of contract, tort, negligence or other reasons; does not accept any responsibility for interruption of the transaction, error, negligence, interruption, deletion, loss, delay of transaction or communication, computer virus, communication error, theft, destruction or unauthorized entry, modification or use of records.

17. Customer Acceptance Procedure

a) All customers who will stay must present their valid identification documents to the hostel upon check-in. Customers who do not present their ID will not be admitted to the hostel. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the identity documents submitted.

b) If the customer does not comply with the hostel rules/conditions within the framework of this agreement, the hostel has the right to expel the customer from the hostel. In this case, the hostel will not give any refund or discount to the customer from the reservation amount.

c) In order to protect the health and safety of customers and staff, the Customer must notify the hostel before entry if he or his companions have a contagious disease and/or suspicion of any other illness or disease. . In such cases, the hostel may request additional documents or information and may terminate the reservation unilaterally. In this case, the hostel will not give the customer any refund or discount from the reservation amount.

18. General Conditions

a) Pets are strictly not allowed in the hostel.

b) A’la Carte Restaurants will provide services for a fee.

c) In case the customer staying inside wants to check out early; It is not possible to refund money for the remaining days or use the remaining days on subsequent days.

d) The customer must use the items in the rooms with care.

e) The customer is obliged to behave in good faith towards those living in the hostel or in the surrounding area.

f) At the end of his stay, the customer must return the hostel room in the same condition he received it. Likewise, if the fixtures are not delivered to the hotel as they were received, the cost of the damages must be paid to the hostel or must be restored.

g) In cases where the hostel rooms need to be evacuated, the customer will be responsible for any damages that may occur if the rooms are not evacuated.

h) The customer cannot avoid receiving the hostel room, cannot break the contract and cannot request a discount from the reservation amount due to defects that do not pose a serious danger to the health of himself or those staying with him.

ı) Persons whose names and TR ID number/valid ID card are notified to the reception can enter the hostel rooms and other common areas. People who will stay with the customer must first register at the reception and make the necessary payments. The identity information of all customers staying in the hostel rooms will be reported to the security units by the hostel in accordance with the legal regulations. The customer cannot allow anyone other than these people into the rooms and general areas. In such a case, the hostel may expel the customer and the person(s) who do not register at the reception from the hostel. Additionally, the hostel will report these people to law enforcement. In such a case, the customer will not be refunded.

i) Check-in time is 14.00. Early check-in is only possible depending on hostel availability upon arrival. Early check-in is only guaranteed when stated in the reservation confirmation and a full-day accommodation fee is applied.

j) Check-out time is 11.00. The hostel reserves the right to remove the customer’s belongings from the room and/or charge the customer for one day’s accommodation in case the check-out time is exceeded.

k) Special requests are accommodated subject to availability. Not guaranteed. All special requests (extra bed, large double bed, etc.) are subject to availability on the day of check-in and additional fees may apply.

l) Valuable items must be kept in safes in the rooms. The hostel cannot be held responsible for money, jewelery or valuables lost in the rooms or anywhere in the hostel.

m) The customer is strictly prohibited from smoking (including electronic cigarettes) and tobacco products in the rooms and closed areas.

n) The towels provided in the hostel rooms are for use in the rooms only and it is forbidden to take the towels to the beach.

o) Breakfast is free for Bed and Breakfast accommodations. Apart from this, all food and drinks are subject to a fee. Bed and Breakfast accommodation provided at the facility; The day of departure ends with breakfast. For reservations that include breakfast, breakfast on the day of arrival is subject to a fee. All drinks to be consumed at the hotel are chargeable.

19. This contract consists of 19 articles. General terms and conditions and any disputes that may arise are subject to Turkish law, and Antalya courts have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve disputes.
Dear customers, in order to provide you with better service and to fulfill our obligations arising from the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502 and the Distance Contracts Regulation and other legal regulations, you may request some of your personal information (name, surname, date of birth, mobile phone number, landline phone number, e-mail, Any personal information that directly or indirectly identifies the user (including, but not limited to, gender, address, TR ID number, passport number, information that the member has approved to be shared through those channels in case of connection with social media accounts) is requested from you.
We would like to point out that the information you share with us is stored safely and processed in accordance with the “Personal Data Protection Law” legislation.
This contract has been read, accepted and signed by the customer