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You can have a holiday in Kaş in 4 seasons. You have many alternatives for a satisfying holiday.

Boat Tour
You can enjoy the sea and the sun all day long with daily boat tours. While you can see the Sunken City and the ancient city of Simena (Kaleköy) on the Kekova boat tour, you can also join tours with different alternatives such as Kaputaş and Kaş islands. Boat tours serve their guests with open buffet options and meals included. You have two options depending on the departure point of the boat tours from Kaş: from Kaş central port and Üçağız village. You can take part in shared boat tours or take a Kekova tour by renting a private boat.
Kaş's underwater beauty, clean sea, diversity of its recessive structure and professional staff are some of the reasons that make Kaş one of the diving centers. Apart from trial dives, you can also get diving training for your badge and gain a wide range of scuba experience.
With a 2-person paraglider accompanied by a pilot, you can feel the adrenaline and the supernatural magic of Kaş, and watch Meis and Kaş by gliding from the sky, without needing any experience or training.
Canoe Tours
You can experience the guided tour of the ancient ruins by canoe and see Kekova and Simena more closely.
Saklikent Jeep Safari
You can experience sea, beach, sun, history, canyon walking and many other fun factors in one day. You can see many places from Kaputaş to Patara, from Saklıkent to Saklıkent Canyon. You can swim on the beaches of Patara, full of history, go rafting or ziplining in the Canyon according to your preference, or at the end of the day, you can have a day full of struggle and adrenaline with water fights
Atv Tour
You can feel the wind, sun and sea together with an ATV in Patara, one of Turkey's longest beaches and one of the most important Lycian cities.
A simple but enjoyable track that you can do in Saklıkent. You can have a pleasant experience where you can float down and cool off in sea bagels.
It is another of the activities that can be done in Saklıkent and Gizlikent. You can increase your fun by ziplining on different rope courses suitable for children or adults.
Horseback Safari
You can see the ancient city of Lycia and the natural beauties of Kaş by horseback riding accompanied by instructors.
Lycian Walk
You can walk the Kaş stage of the Lycian Way, one of the 10 best long-distance walking routes in the world, stretching from Fethiye to Antalya, with a guide.
Meis Travel
You can go to Meis on a daily basis by obtaining a visa on the ferries departing from Kaş and return in the same evening, or you can also go to Rhodes and other Greek islands from Meis.