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Miramar Pension

Miramar Pension

Miramar Pension


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The taste lasts all day long at Miramar Pansiyon. A pleasant start to the day is made with a very rich breakfast. You can have your breakfast with different flavors and presentations, accompanied by a Mediterranean view. Unlike hotels, creating the menu is the responsibility of the guests at Miramar. Dinner is specially prepared and served for guests upon ordering from the menu during breakfast.


You can find different options appealing to all senses on the terrace with Kaş’s unique Mediterranean view. A breakfast where hygiene and freshness are at the forefront and where rich, satisfying and variable varieties are offered will add a different taste to your Kaş holiday.
Breakfast in Kaş is served at Miramar Pansiyon, with different bakery products from cold to hot, prepared daily, home-made jams, fruits, rich cheese, olive options, and many other details.


Our meals are prepared fresh, delicious and hygienic daily, according to the preferences of our guests.
All the ingredients we use in our kitchen are natural and fresh products, not industrial type. If you prefer your meals to taste like home, Miramar Restaurant is the place you are looking for.